Moving Pets to Hawaii: Department of Agriculture, Hawaii Quarantine

Moving Pets to Hawaii: Department of Agriculture, Hawaii Quarantine

Posted 6.19.2012 in Articles by Ana

Thinking of moving to Hawaii and taking your furry friend along with you? Well before you hop onto that plane and ship all of your things to Hawaii, remember that the department of agriculture has specific policies regarding pets. You'd be surprised to find out that some pets, like hamsters, aren't allowed. Moving can be hectic – especially moving to an island – so don't let something like having all the proper paperwork get in the way of you and paradise. Here are a few things to know before your pet can join you in beautiful Hawaii.

Be aware that Hawaii is a rabies-free state and because it wants to remain that way it sometimes requires a lot of our furry little friends. When bringing your cat or dog, their arrival should be at least 90 days after their rabies vaccinations, otherwise your pet will be quarantined (at your expense) until these 90 days have passed. Quarantine costs run at $224 per pet for a 5-day or less quarantine and $1,080 per per for a 120 day quarantine. Make sure your friends get vaccinated or your wallet will face the consequences.

Another important thing to remember is the severity of importing illegal animals such as, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters and undomesticated cats and dogs to Hawaii. You could face up to three years in jail and fines up to $500,000.

Once you are sure your pet is okay to go aboard on a plane to Hawaii, the veterinarian appointments begin. First things first, make sure the rabies vaccines are out of the way. Then, your pet will require an electronic microchip implant. The procedure is a simple injection in between the shoulder blades and requires no anesthetics. This microchip usually cost around $27 and it is crucial you verify the identification number on the chip after it is implanted; this chip is your ticket to the import form and the next step.

The OIE-FAVN test. Your pets need to undergo this blood test that will measure their immune system response 21 days after their second rabies vaccine. It is important you wait 21 days in order to give your pets time to develop enough antibodies. You want them to pass this blood test. Once they pass it, the results will remain valid for three years.

After you have completed all the medical requirements for your pets, you will want to book your flight to paradise. But make sure you book your arrival before 3:30 pm. If your pet arrives by 4:30 pm, they will be held over night at your expense. When you book your flight you should know that unless your dog is a service dog, all pets travel to Hawaii in the baggage compartment. Few airlines such as, Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines allow small pets to fly with passengers, the Dogtravel Company will allow it too, but your pet counts as a passenger, which will cost you in between $3,500 and $12,000 to fly together with your pet.

Now that it looks like you are all set for the moving day, make sure you complete your pet's import form along with all pre-arrival documents (two rabies vaccination certificates, health certificate, money order or cashier's check). Mail it to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture no less than 10 days before your pet arrives in Hawaii.

It is all smooth sailing after this, just make sure you call your airline to confirm your pet's reservation and have all your pet's paperwork in hand for the pick up at the quarantine holding facility.

Moving your pets to Hawaii may seem tough at first, but if you follow these guidelines you will have your pets in Hawaii in no time and will successfully beat the Hawaii quarantine without a sweat.


Image (CC) Marry Wallace & Co

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