Moving to Hawaii? Ship to Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii? Ship to Hawaii

Posted 6.19.2012 in Articles by Jess

When you've made that final decision to move to Hawaii, the next step is deciding whether or not you need to ship all of your household items or to just sell them. Many of the homes in Hawaii come fully furnished and in some cases even with cookware. Still, there are items of value you just can't part with, which are well worth the cost of shipping. Here is a list of three things you should know about shipping household goods.

As you sort your household goods, you must realize you can't take everything. Many newcomers make the mistake of thinking they can bring everything they own with them on their move to Hawaii. But they forget the only way on or off the islands is by boat or plane, and with the current gas prices, your moving estimates may already be more expensive than your belongings altogether. Take only what you absolutely need with you and consider the size of your new home when sorting your items. Hold a garage sale to get rid of the rest, or find a local charity that accepts donations.

Strategically plan when you want your shipment to arrive in Hawaii. Avoid moving in between Memorial Day and Labor Day if you decide to bring a shipment of your belongings with you. If you move during the peak season you are likely to see an increase in shipping costs. You should also plan your flight according to the arrival date of your shipment. If you arrive earlier or later than your shipment, you will have to consider short-term living accommodations or storage fees.

After you decide on the moving date, get quotes from professional moving companies to help you budget your move ahead of time. Make sure to request an in-house estimate to get the most accurate price quote. Moving companies that don't offer in-house estimates are not companies you want to do business with. Go to the American Moving and Storage Association website to see if your company is a member, which means the company has agreed to participate in its arbitration program and the organization's published tariffs. While interstate movers are allowed to charge you binding estimates, most will offer them for free, but you should expect the cost to be more than the estimate when dealing with a move to Hawaii.

Prioritize what you own and you will become a smart newcomer to the Hawaiian Islands. Think about the value of each item compared to the cost of replacing it once you get to Hawaii. Once you manage the big task of sorting your household items, your shipping company will take care of the rest.


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